Survivor Stories

Meet some AWESOME CancerFree KIDS Survivors!


Charlotte is a vibrant and fearless 2 year old who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in July of 2017. Although treatment has been tough, it hasn’t stopped Charlotte! She loves to play with her puppy Kylo, enjoys playing with her kitchen and making fun crafts with Mom.


Evan was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma at 15 months and underwent several months of chemotherapy to eradicate tumors in his eyes.  It was a tough time, but doctors could not believe how calm and happy he was during it all.  Evan still has that same demeanor and is now six years old and in first grade.  He has made many friends, is a soccer speedster, loves soaking his family with cannonballs in the pool, is an avid reader, and an excellent big brother.


Gracie is an 11 year old cancer survivor thanks to thanks to research and funding that gives kids like Gracie a fighting chance.  When Gracie was just 7 months old she was diagnosed with stage 3 Liver Cancer (Hepatablastoma).  She was very sick when her cancer was found and had to endure many surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy. Thankfully there was a regimen of therapy that worked well in treating Gracie’s type of cancer. Her family is forever grateful for the research that resulted in a treatment for Gracie.  She is now a happy healthy 11 year old thriving in the 6th grade.  She loves to sing and is very active in school activities such as dance, soccer and drama.