Tackle Childhood Cancer 02
August 22, 2020 at 12:00 am

Tackle Childhood Cancer Football Event

All Saints School will be hosting a preseason football preview in August 2020 at Moeller High School.  The Tackle Childhood Cancer Football Event is in it’s 10th year and has supported CancerFree KIDS since it’s inception.

The preview is the week before the start of the regular season and is a good opportunity for a dress rehearsal for your team.  There will be games for all levels from Bandits through Varsity (K-8).  There is NO team entry fee, just a gate entry fee.

In 2012 this event was named after Brian Higgins who had played football at Moeller in the late 1970’s.  He was diagnosed with leukemia as a Moeller student.  He unfortunately lost his battle to leukemia in 2012.  His son Joe was on the 2012 Rocks team and their family have supported CancerFree KIDS at many fundraising events.

Interested or have questions?? Contact Tom Fitz at tfitz22028@aol.com